Friday, January 24, 2014

Try Chopped Brussel Sprouts

Chopped Brussel Sprouts

So I've come to notice that when I finely chop brussel sprouts, they are really, really good. Heat up some olive oil, put the chopped sprouts on top, mix it around, add a little salt, and voila! Watch the edges darken. These darkened areas are yummy but you don't want to over do it or it's more like burnt, finely chopped brussel sprouts. Chopped small they cook fast, but they do well on low heat if the rest of your meal isn't finished. Just don't over cook them at the start if you're going to need to keep them on low for a little bit. I'm always scooping up mouthfuls with a spoon while I'm cooking. They would be gone if I didn't hold myself back.

Side note: I just inserted this picture and I think that I need a new cutting board. It's a good visual of what wood looks like after something hot was placed on top.

Update: My mother-in-law informed me that I can sand down my cutting board add mineral oil and save myself the cost of a new cutting board.

Update: Why am I cooking with olive oil? Coconut oil is better to cook with because it oxidizes at a higher heat than olive oil. But olive oil at low heat isn't that bad. It isn't the best but it isn't the worst. It oxidizes more quickly than coconut oil but not as quickly as corn or sunflower oils. The oxidization happens depending on how high the heat is and how long it is being cooked. I normally cook these at non-boiling point for less than 5 min. I think it's 200 degrees Celsius or 392 degree Fahrenheit that it starts to let off toxic smoke. I just really like the taste of olive oil with vegetables.


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