Monday, October 28, 2013

The Lunch Box Struggle

How do I reduce waste, have enough room for the right amount of food, decide on the number of compartments in a lunch box? It's maze.

We were very happy with PlanetBox until it never came back from school. In an attempt to not pay another $70 for another one, I went searching elsewhere for something cheaper. I found myself at LunchBots.

LunchBots is stainless steal and has compartments like PlanetBox. It's $20. I bought the three compartment one and the two compartment one. They're working great. Their small size takes up less room in the backpack. I think that I'll buy the four compartment one when it's back in stock on 11/18/13.

I do still miss the PlanetBox's hinged lid and there was something perfect about the compartment sizes. Sometimes I wonder if Nate is getting enough food with the LunchBot. He says he does.

Lunches! The amount of thought and energy I put into them, really can't be normal.


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