Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Do You Use Cloth Napkins?

Cloth Napkins on Nails
We do! But I got tired of having a gazillon napkins on the table and not knowing who wiped their nose on which one, so I got organized! Now, we all have a napkin hanging on the wall right next to the table. When we need a napkin, instead of grabbing a new one from the drawer, we grab our napkin from the hook. Nate corrects me, "those aren't hooks; they're nails." Well yes that's true, but hooks would probably be better. 
West's Cup Has A Snail On It At School
I got this idea from watching how West's preschool handles cloth napkins and drinking cups. In the picture, West is showing us his snail. The snail is how he knows which water cup is his. When he gets thirsty during the day, he reuses the snail cup. Now if only I had a good set-up for cups; that would save some washing.
West's Picture of A Snail


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