Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Salon.com: my personal essay

Why did you leave, mom?


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Derich, I was very moved by your piece. I found myself reading toward the end and finding myself thinking, please say you love her also. I married late in life to a woman 18 years younger than me. She already had two boys. I didn't anticipate having children, ever, but it happened. Then Katrina, a baby in 2006, and she was gone in September 2008. Leaving me with a two year old little boy. I'm 57 today. Stories like yours always catch my eye. My son's mother has pulled herself together and is in nursing school and seeing my child again whenever she can. She's clean and sober now. It isn't an easy position to be in on either side. Thank you so much for the insight. Bless you.

Thais said...

Dear Anonymous 7/18/12,

Thank you for sharing your story with me. It brought tears to my eyes.


shawna c said...

Dear Thais, my old friend:) I was adopted as an infant and when I turned 30 I found my birth mother. I wrote a letter and waited for a reply, The days went by and after calling many many times and hanging up on her voice mail I got the nerve up to call her. I was terrified but I did it. Many questions were answered and some mysteries were solved and her and I have built a life and relationship together. When I read your story I cried over my smart phone, I know that pain and uncertainty picking up that phone and making that call.
How BRAVE and powerful to tell your tale, I look forward to reading your memoir.


Thais Derich said...

Thank you Shawna for reading and sharing a little of your experience. I would love to hear your story one of these days. Love, Thais

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