Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What Safeway has that Whole Foods doesn't?

Plastic bag recycling bin outside their store. Maybe it's because Safeway still bags with plastic bags (only stores outside of San Francisco), but still, there are plenty of foods at Whole Foods wrapped in some sort of plastic. The foods packaged in plastic that can't be recycled make me cringe. The plastic bags with loaves of bread inside make me kind of ill too. The rate at which they accumulate under my kitchen sink is shocking. Not to mention the twisty ties, which can't be recycled because of the metal. I save them, but I have so many now, I need a good art project. In my ideal world, I'd live in France and pick up fresh bread daily with my bare hands, no packaging. And, on a side note, I asked a Whole Foods employee in Mill Valley where I could compost my muffin wrapper and he said that they didn't compost. Really!? Come on.

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shawna c said...

Hi Thais, that clamshell plastic packaging I think its #6 plastic can be made into shrinky dinks! The kids in my life had a rip roaring good time making Christmas ornaments they got a huge kick out of watching their big creations morph into teeny tiny creations. And it kept them busy and occupied. Great rainy day activity.
Ps I worked in a grocery store for ten years and I despise plastic bags, but I have to say the worst offender is The Home Depot, they have no alternative to plastic, the waste I saw when I worked there made me cringe.

Love Shawna:)

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