Tuesday, July 12, 2011

#5 Last Planning Post: Finding Childcare Abroad

I'm not one to hire the hotel babysitter, but I am not against a little help with the kids. Zack wants to go on some big bike rides. I want to go to yoga and finish writing my book. We would like to do at least one big hike in the Alps and go out to a nice dinner. So, how can we find someone we trust to watch our darlings? More importantly, how can we sculpt the arrangement so that Nate and West feel comfortable enough to let us go?

I really didn't know how until my French friend told me that she spent a summer watching the children of an English family in order to learn English. They gave her room, board and English in exchange for babysitting. I decided to try Craigslist Paris to see if I might be able to find someone to do the same for us.

I did! I found a lot of people interested. I asked for a resume. I called their references, and then I chose Chantal. She's French Canadian and going to study in France in September. We used Skype to meet her in person. Even the kids got to say hi.

So, we're hoping that because she'll be living with us, we and kids will be comfortable with her. Even in the worst case scenario, we can't leave the kids behind during the day, we can certainly go out after they've gone to bed, which we wouldn't be able to do without Chantal! Thank you, Chantal!


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