Sunday, July 10, 2011

#4 Find Free Housing

The fourth step to planning a family sabbatical is finding free housing. Yeah, right! Sounds impossible? Actually, there's house-swap sites where I registered and people email me who want to come to my house and I email houses where I'd like to stay. The houses are usually a lot nicer than rental homes, but we didn't see any in Annecy.

So, plan B was to rent our place in Mill Valley. We joined Vacation Rental By Owners but got zero bites. I posted on Craigslist and got some response, but nothing materialized. I found our two renters for the duration of our trip through the Southern Marin Mother's Group and the Lycee Francais parent's email list.

We found a nice rental house on Lake Annecy and we'll offset the cost buy renting our home. I lined-up the house cleaners and someone to cut the grass. I cleared out some of our personal stuff and voila. Done. With a little effort, we have discounted European housing.


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