Friday, July 1, 2011

#1: First Step to a Family Sabbatical

First step to a family sabbatical, get yourself in a situation where you have to do something big or something big is going to do you.

In our case, we have two small, adorable children 2 and 5; but nonetheless, it’s enough to send most people to the loony house. Add staying home alone with them for 10.5 hrs. a day.

So where's the husband? He's working his ass off at work and commuting three hours a day in his car. What does he do when he gets home? Relax? No, he spends a half hour with the kids and then goes back to work. I go to bed and he's still up working.

Okay so our relationship is in the outs, but we just don't know how to make it all stop. Does he quit his job? Do we move to an easier place to raise kids? Do we take a long vacation? Do we sell out and take a REALLY long vacation and never come back?

First we started with a move. We survived and things for me did get better, but Zack is commuting even longer to work and still is up working past when I hit the pillow. Sooo...what do we do now?

Zack discusses sabbatical time with boss and gets it approved. Six weeks! Perfect! A family bonding time right before Nate goes off to Kindergarten and before we have no where else to turn but dumping buckets of money on couples therapy. Doesn’t a lovely vacation in France sound so much better than therapy.

France sounds so much better than crying it out in therapy. Stay-tuned for step #2 in planning a family sabbatical.


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