Friday, September 10, 2010

Cross it out!

Buy bread? What happens to all those bags? I either recycle them at Lucky's down the street. Recycled plastic bags are used to make decking, fencing and other products. Or I reuse them. If I reuse them, I cross-out the bar-code so that I don't pay for bread by accident at the checkout!

Plastic bags can't be recycled in our blue recycling cans because they get jammed in the machine at the recycling center. San Francisco's plastic bags need to be recycled at a separate depository and handled differently. I think that most grocery stores have a bin for all bags with the recycle symbol on it. There's still a lot of plastic bags out there that can't be recycled and therefore have to go to the landfill. I try to avoid buying these products. I also try to buy fresh bread not in a bag as much as possible.

"Plastic bags are a clear example of excess run amok," Mirkarimi (SF Supervisor) said. "People don't necessarily realize the composition of the plastic bag or the consequences of the plastic bag. ...They're omnipresent."
Read about San Francisco's efforts to control the excess:

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