Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cups Stacked Up or Down. Which is Best?

I took a food safety class with the city of San Francisco about a year and a half ago to sell my granola bars to San Francisco's local coop grocery store, Rainbow Grocery. In this class, I learned that if I were a restaurant owner, I would have to stack my glasses upside down. Why? Because it reduces the risk of touching the lip of the cup where people put their mouths. If I look at my picture above, I have to pull the cups on the right up by pinching the cup around the lip with my fingers. The cups stacked on the left, I would pull apart by grabbing them from the bottom and so not contaminating the area where people will put their mouths.

So, what do I do at home? I stack them upside down when I think of it, but stacking them right-side up just comes more naturally.


Cori said...

I'm an upside down stacker because the wider part is on the bottom and it just seems more stable that way. Germs don't really bother me.

bobcat said...

We don't stack our glasses, because we have room to just line them up in rows 3 glasses deep, then across there is room for about 5 rows.

Some people might not have room to do it that way....but others may be able to just "de-clutter" to make the room.

Anyways, I find not having them stacked makes things much simpler. Just reach in and fumbling with two hands to un-stack.

And I keep them right-side up, because of course you can grab them lower when not stacked. And who knows how clean the bottoms of the cuppords are? I'm always afraid there is some kind of dust in there, no doubt loaded with chemicals like formaldehyde from the wood glues from the cabinets.

So I prefer upright, because the glass is probably not in the cuppord long enough to collect dust in the glass, but the bottom of the cuppord is probably not cleaned as often as the glass.

bobcat said...

ps--we stack our mugs, 2 high....because for some reason, the kind we have do stack nicely. Those are grabbed by the handle anyways.

Anonymous said...

i have been through culinary school, and all of the health and sanitation education that goes along with that is indeed a part of me now, however, i find it so hard to stack glasses rim down. this comes from seeing a beetle (nope, not even a roach, just an anonymous beetle)crawling around the rim down glasses in my aunts cabinets when i was around 6 years old and had recently been learning about diseases bugs can carry. funny the things that stick with us...

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