Monday, May 31, 2010

Want a Sandwich? Here's the Bread

In my house, where everything is cooked fresh, I realized that I do all the cooking. Reflecting back on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution TV series, the message that stuck with me is, "Learn to cook your own food." Cooking my own food has empowered me and I want Nate to feel it too.

I put healthy snacks where he can reach. I put the silverware and some cups for water where he can access them himself. He is quite capable of getting himself a snack and a glass of water. Why not start him making his own sandwiches? In the picture, he is making an almond butter (bulk from Rainbow Grocery) and jam ( sandwich on sprouted rye bread ( Rye is different than wheat and offers a lot of health benefits that wheat bread doesn't. Nate quickly realized that he can control the amount of jam in his sandwich. That's the beauty of cooking! I told him.

P.S. I follow Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign.


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