Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to Use Cloth Baby Wipes

Can you imagine your life without disposable baby wipes? I couldn't. It's sort of like the big leap that I took to stop buying paper towels. No Impact Man went without toilet paper. Now that seems even harder.

I was a year into cloth diapering before I plunged into cloth wipes. It happened organically. I never thought that I'd do it.

I have a bucket in the bathroom for the dirty cloth diapers and I started using it for dirty wash clothes after tubby time. And then, I started wetting my disposable wipes because they weren't wet enough to really clean the last phase of wiping a poopy butt. I realized that if I needed to wet the wipes, I might try a wash cloth instead. The wash clothes were so much better than the wipes, and so I bought some soft ones (Under the Nile) to be used only for butt wiping. I wash them with the cloth diapers.

We still keep disposable wipes on hand but I am not buying the $40 box of 12 refills. It takes us a couple months to go through one packet. I guess that we just keep it around for visitors who aren't familiar with using cloth. Cloth wipes work better, cost less, and of course are better for the environment.


Thystle said...

Cloth wipes REWL! I would do cloth wipes even if I stopped doing cloth diapers(hypothetically speaking since no one is in diapers at this point in time).

We had a bunch of disposable wipes packages from the hospital after Hunter was born that I kept in the diaper bag for out and about. I think I eventually threw them out when he was 18 or 24 months old because we just weren't using them, using EC or preferring a dry cloth over the wipes. I'm using disposable wipes again for sticky hands while on the road but not very often. And at home we're still using our cloth wipes for potty trained poops for their superior cleaning power over toilet paper. Did No Impact Man use cloth for poops?

Thais of Spinach and Honey said...

Hi Thystle - As far as I know, he used cloth wipes for toilet paper. I did a search on the details of his system but I didn't find anything. I found other people's systems though and it looks the same as my system for the cloth baby wipes. I feel another big change happening over here...feels like a baby step now. You might be interested in this link. She took a photo of her system:
Let me know if you try it!

Anonymous said...

"throwing out" disposable wipes because you weren't using them seems pretty environmentally irresponsible. there are lots of moms on GGMG and other mother's groups sites that post free stuff to share with others. don't lose sight of the big picture.

Anonymous said...

can i ask a question that has been on my mind whenever i see stuff about cloth diapers, etc.? Do you ever consider the impact of how much water goes into cleaning all of this stuff? I mean, water is an invaluable resource too. It's just a question out of curiosity, i have no agenda, nor judgement.

Thais of Spinach and Honey said...

Dear 6:25,

I did research the environmental impact of washing versus tossing before getting started with cloth. What I found was that any study that said that washing was equal or worse than tossing was funded by a company selling diapers. All independent studies proved that washing has much less of an impact on the environment. And if you want to make even less of an impact, try diaper-free!

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