Saturday, May 1, 2010

Home Birth: An Image

This picture from WikiMedia really moved me, and so I am sharing with you.


Rebecca S said...

What a wonderful image! It reminds me of Hunter's birth. I was on all fours, my sister the midwife caught him and placed him on the bed between my legs. I remember just wanting to touch and look at him. But my sister and the doula kept urging me to pick him up and hold him to my chest. In hindsight I think my reaction was very normal (perhaps even natural?!). This blog post resonates with me now:

Also, I saw Birthing in the Squatting position (have you seen it?) and I think influenced my desire to move slow and observe my child and to just let things unfold as it felt naturally to do.

But this photo really captures the first moment of meeting your baby for the first time. Love it!

UrbanCrunchyMama said...

I can see myself in this position if the midwife doesn't arrive in time to assist. I don't know how I jumped to that scenario when I saw the photo, but that's what happened in my mind's eye. I wouldn't be suprised if I go on to have an unexpected UC with a 5 year-old standing by. One day...

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