Sunday, March 14, 2010

Getting Rid of Plastic Wrap and Plastic Bags

I got rid of the plastic Ziploc bags first and plastic wrap second.

I replaced the plastic sandwich bags with cloth sandwich bags like this one [link] and wax paper bags.

Barbara, my mother-in-law, says that wax paper bags was what she used when Zack was a kid. I can compost wax paper.

I save any plastic Ziploc type bag that comes into my house like the bag that my tortillas come in. I am so excited to have these plastic marvels. I wash them out, dry them, and save them.

If I am really going to help San Francisco get to zero waste by the year 2020, I need to continue to make changes to the way I shop. SFEnvironment says, "...individuals will need to be accountable for the environmental impact of the products they produce and use."

Plastic bags are everywhere. I keep the good ones and reuse them. But even without buying new plastic bags and trying to not buy things in them, I still have too many. I store them in a bin and take them down to Lucky's to their recycling bin. Lucky's turns around and uses my bags to make their recycled plastic bags.

I stopped buying plastic wrap after I got use to life without Ziplocs. I did plastic wrap second because I couldn't think of a replacement. I was scared of my life without it. How would I store a half eaten avocado, lemon, lime, sweet potato or mango? I had a hard time deciding how I was going to keep leftovers. Finally, I cut the cord without a plan. I just stopped buying it. I can't remember why I was so attached to plastic wrap.

It turns out, I found a better way to save those half eaten avocados, lemons, limes, sweet potatoes or mangoes. I use the peel from the eaten half and place it over the uneaten half. I secure it with a rubber band and they keep beautifully in the fridge. I think that they prefer their own skin to plastic. I would!


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