Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Breast Milk Healed My Eye Infection

Zack kissed me good-bye and left on his two-day business trip.

I pranced the kids off to my darling niece's 9th birthday. When I got there my eye looked like green mushy sponge animals were crawling out of it. It just kept leaking and leaking. I wondered if I should go home. When I got home, I put Nate and West to bed in a haste, no stories, nada. I put a hot washcloth over my eye and flushed it out with water. I went to bed. A fever crept in. I lay there with two blankets and a heat pad. I had the chills. My throat was sore. My eye was now swollen shut. I lay there feeling pretty helpless. I felt so alone. I called Zack, "How am I suppose to take care of two kids with a fever and one functioning eye? Moms don't get sick days.

In the morning I felt tons better. I arranged for Nate to go to the grandparents and I slept during West's naps.

Two days later, my eye was a lot better. It was still red though and irritated. I decided to call an eye doctor just in case. I could have had a same day appointment but I couldn't find anyone to watch West. I would normally take him but an eye appointment is always very confining and uncomfortable. Clockwork Orange always comes to mind. I make the appointment for the next day. Meanwhile, my eye is really bothering me. I start to worry that it's getting worse. Regular eye drops did nothing. Lydia mentioned that my breast milk might help. I decided to try it.

I hand express a little milk into a kid's cup. And then, I cleaned out a dropper from an old vitamin supplement bottle. I squeezed a little milk into the dropper, and then very cautiously dropped one drop into my right eye.

I waited for a half a second. Would it sting? No, instant relief! My eye felt like I had just squeezed some thick Vaseline in it. I blinked and felt no scratching. I quickly put more in and sat down to enjoy the feeling. I have chronic dry eyes and my first thought was: I've got to store some of this. No brand of eye drops has ever felt this good. I put the milk in my eye every hour that day and then the next.

By the time I saw the doctor the next day, my eyes weren't red at all. I wondered what he would say when I told him my remedy.

I've been putting breast milk in my eyes, I told him.

Interesting, I can see how that would work, he replied.

For really severe dry eyes, I separate out a patient's blood and use part of it as a lubricant, he continued.

It's a long and expensive process but it's the best lubricant for the eye that we have. I'd keep it up as long as you're breast feeding. My wife only breast fed for six months. You won't be breast feeding forever, and so we'll have to find some brand of eye drops that you like, he smiled.

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