Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baby Food: 9 months

One food item that stands out for me right now is making breaded chicken for my boys with Panko bread crumbs. Lydia reminded me of this simple kid-friendly dish when she came over and graciously made it for us. She calls it crispy chicken. I use to make my own bread crumbs, but I am looking for a few shortcuts these days with two young children running around.

For West, I chew up bites in my mouth first, and then serve it to him in little chicken balls. I read that this is how babies get their first foods in other places around the world.

I like the simplicity of premasticating the chicken. He gets to eat what we're eating. And, a bonus side effect was the chicken tasted fantastic this way for me. I really got the full flavor of it because I chewed it for longer than I do when I am chewing my own chicken. It's like wine tasting and spitting out the wine rather than drinking it down.

I can't chew these crispy chicken balls fast enough. West grabs for them one after another and stuffs the whole thing in his mouth. I am amazed at how much chicken he can eat. Of course, I only feed him pastured-raised chicken from the best source that I can find (Marin Sun Farms or Prather Ranch).

I also like feeding West whole small red potatoes with their skins on. I just split them in half with my fingers and serve them up large and with all their features. West sucks on it and leaves behind the skin as if he is eating a mango.

If I were to sum up nine months in one sentence, it would be: Everything goes! I just feed him what we're eating. I feed big pieces and he knows what to do with them. He eats what he can and spits out the rest. It's less work for me and more fun for him.

Other foods that come to mind outside my meals that I cook for the whole family and give to the baby as well:

peas and corn, squash, sweet potato
pineapple, banana, avocado, mango
bread soaked in coconut milk
smoothies (banana, frozen strawberries, splash of coconut milk, 1/4 cup yogurt, coconut water)
pancakes, waffles etc.
pasta, raviolis
black beans, lentils
chicken broth in a straw cup

A food article of interest:

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Sarah said...

As a pediatrician, I recommend strongly against premastication. If your son doesn't have teeth yet, stop now, it's not too late. If he does have teeth, and you have ever had any cavities, you've probably colonized him now with Streptococcus mutans, the bacteria that causes cavities. Other than this, your feeding sounds great.

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