Sunday, February 28, 2010

Elimination Communication at Eight Months: An Update

Instinct, that's what these last two months were all about. Signs, pee catching, and communication went out the window and West went free style. On his own, I had to trust his process. He boycotted the potty. He seemed to prefer the diaper, outside, and the floor. When I put him over the potty, he'd back arch.

I stopped pottying him out of sheer frustration. And I spent a lot of time changing diapers and cleaning up messes on the floor. I reached out to other moms doing elimination communication and almost as soon as I did this, things shifted.

He started wanting to go in the potty again. He would wiggle in my arms into the potty position. And then, I would say, Oh so you want to pee. And, I would put him over the potty and he would pee.

I kept believing in the process because he was doing amazing stuff like reaching down and holding his penis right before he peed. He would put his hands in the pee when he went on the kitchen floor. He feels his pee coming, and so he grabs his penis. He sees the result and makes a connection between the feeling to pee and the pee itself. He crawls to the door, bangs on it, and once outside, pees, just like a puppy. He has an instinct not to pee in the house.

During these last two months West was the "GO, GO, GO, guy." No time to sit on the potty. I kept asking myself why am I doing this and why can't I stop. I felt like I had him in diapers too much and I worried that he was becoming diaper trained.

I kept trying. Diaper free just feels right. It feels like the right thing to do. Luckily, we pulled through and now we're in another glorious period of lots of pee in the potty and very few misses.

I am reminded every day that we are animals. I am allowing West at least as much patience as any dog owner must have when potty training a puppy. I feel like diapers try to conceal and shame our need to relieve ourselves. I remember that shame. Sitting on the toilet trying to make my pee and poop as quiet as possible because girls don't poop loudly. And, our poop shouldn't smell either.

At a hotel recently, West didn't pee once on the carpet. He did all his pees in the toilet or in his diaper and one right on the tile next to the toilet. He knows. He is trying. And he is learning. And, he knows that I support him and trust him. He is eight months. God, I love him.


frostedwithsnow said...

Ugh, you and I need to hang out. :) I just found your blog, but I know exactly what you're going through. We also strongly feel that diaper free is just "right." We have a 9 month old little boy. I can't wait to read more about your experiences.

I just uploaded an EC video of our son on youtube. Check it out if you like.

<a href=">Natural Parenting</a>

frostedwithsnow said...

Sorry, forgot it doesn't allow much html. :)

Here's my blog:

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