Monday, February 1, 2010

Baby Food: 7 months

The most reassuring message that I give myself is that solids are fun but not necessary because I breastfeed and I eat well. I know that West is getting the nutrition that he needs from my milk. If I was giving him formula, I would pay attention to balancing his diet. As long as I am breastfeeding, solids are more about including him in our family meals and letting him explore food, which I still love to do.

When he turned six months, he still wasn't too interested in food. Now, at seven months, he sees me cooking and pulls on my pant leg. When he is in his chair, he pounds his hand on his tray to ask for more food.

I feed him our weekly soups and spoonfuls of sauces in our meals. I make him smoothies with banana, strawberries, and blackberries and a little water, which he devours from a straw cup. I puree my stir fries for him. He loves avocado still. I give him soft black beans, which I am going to expand to lentils. I am also excited to start giving him Strauss whole milk yogurt and raw, unprocessed cheese. I also want to start crumbling up grass-fed ground beef on his tray. I'm excited about soft corn and peas. Pasta too..Boy! That puree phase went by fast.

I ran into a friend today who soaked pancake pieces in breast milk, and then put them on her seven-month-old's tray. Wet with Sierra Nevada organic cultured butter and Jam made from endangered Blenheim apricots from Santa Clara, I gave West some bites. He loved it! Who doesn't like toast? I am thinking that most everything goes right now.

I am excited for finger foods. I was disappointed when he turned down my homemade apple sauce, but maybe he'll like softened apple bites.

He is growing up too fast. Did I mention that he is standing up without holding onto anything? I think that he'll be walking at eight months. I can't believe that it has already been that long since his birth.


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