Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Elimination Communication at Six Months: An Update

At first, I liked diaper-free better than elimination communication (EC) because elimination communication is a mouth full. I even named my folder Diaper Free. However lately, I like elimination communication better because I'm realizing that it really isn't about diapers at all. It's about communicating.

At six months, West can mostly hold in his pee until he is over a potty. I went for a half-hour walk with him in the Ergo without a diaper because I trusted that he wouldn't pee on me. When I got home, I put him over the potty and he peed. Smile. (Can you see the pee in the picture? Thanks Abigail for a great action shot!)

I am so glad that I stuck it out through the hard times when it seemed like he never went in the potty. Those frustrating times when I put him over the potty, he didn't go, and then he went on the floor two seconds later. So annoying. Willow warned me about these down times at her diaper-free workshop, and so I stuck with it.

Zack doesn't like the dirty potties around the house. I agree that I could be a little more sanitary. But with two kids at home all day every day, it's a wonder that everyone is still alive. And I am not joking! It's amazing to me that we all survived early childhood. I can't believe the number of life and death situations that I deal with day to day. So at this point, I don't care too much about a couple of dirty potties around the house.

The other day, West sat up in his crib before his nap and called out. I had already put him over the potty moments before. But his cry wasn't a "I don't want to take my nap cry." (This is where sleep books need to be ignored. They don't cover ECing your child.) I took him out of the crib and held him over his potty. He pooped. Sighed. (So cute) I wiped his butt, put his diaper back on, and laid him back down in his crib. He fell right to sleep. Success!

He has potty preferences. His favorite potty isn't an official potty at all. It is a pink sitz bath that I used once for my hemorrhoids after his birth (I recommend a bath in a bathtub instead). He likes the guest bathroom toilet at his grandparents. He doesn't like public restrooms.

We have gone four weeks without a poop in a diaper. I use diapers more like underwear. I am constantly taking them on and off. And since he is so wiggly lately, I am keeping them off a lot more just because I can't get the darn things on anymore.

Sometimes, he communicates well by tugging at my pants and grunting. Other times, I figure that it has been awhile since his last pee, and so I put him over the potty. It really isn't that much different from telling Nate to go pee before we get in the car, or before he goes to bed.

If West doesn't have a pee, he arches his back. If he has to go or if he hasn't finished yet, he sits calmly in my arms. And then, sometimes, he pees in his diaper. He doesn't seem to care when it happens, I don't care and we move on. And then, there are the times when he pees on the floor.

At six months I can avoid a lot of the out-of-diaper messes by putting him in a diaper if I have guests over or if I need to make dinner. And, he mostly wears a diaper when we are out of the house.

Accidents happen when I am not listening attentively to him or when he doesn't communicate well with me. From the first night that I tried EC, four months ago, I knew that I couldn't turn back. It's like all those times when my first son cried, he could have been trying his hardest to say, "I have to poop and I don't really want to do it on myself." Who does?

Sticking him over a toilet wasn't on my radar at that time, and so I trained him to go in his diaper. Even still, Nate potty trained himself when he could walk. All I had to do was provide one potty in the house and one in the back of the car. He was fully day-time potty trained at 18 months.

It will be interesting to see what happens with West. How will this all evolve as he grows? We shall see.

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Yipsl said...

I'm about as "crunchy" as mamas com -natural home birth, no formula, nursing round the clock, family bed,organic vegetables and fruits when the baby is interested in food, non-gende4ed clothing and toys, no tv - but I can't get with diaper free or E or whatever. it seems to me it's for parents - 96% mothers, I;d wager - who want to obsess on when their child needs to "go" all th time. an old fashioned cloth diaper is so much easier, and gives you tim to enjoy your bay without havin to schedule your whole life around "does h need to pee?" you just do lik your grandma or great grandma did - you say, "oh I see you need your pants changed", take care of it, and move on to doing something with your little one that isn't about getting to the potty. you'll have plenty of opportunity to run for the pot when your child is two to four years, believe me...

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