Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Foods: Avocado and Banana

First it starts with fake oxytocin in labor, and then fake breast milk postpartum, and then fake food. After boxed rice cereal is jarred baby food. And then, it's Gold Fish and Cheez-its. Until finally my child is a sugar addict and doesn't even recognize the taste of a baked sweet potato or steamed broccoli. He recognizes food brands and thinks that he can only eat "kid food" in packages. And then, soon, he won't eat anything that isn't puffed, artificially colored, or contain less than 12g of sugar per half a cup.

I bought a box of rice cereal three years ago for Nate when he was four months old because I didn't know any better. I later realized that making my own rice cereal was cheaper and healthier. And this time around with baby number two, I don't even think rice cereal needs to be a first food.

West's first foods are banana and avocado. I take a ripe banana, peel down the sides, and scrape out a small amount. I cut the avocado in half and scrape out small bites for him straight from the avocado. He started out eating about a 1/2 teaspoon and then slowly increased his appetite to a tablespoon, which is where he is now. He is five months old.

Now this isn't rocket science, but I knew nothing about babies when I had my first. I looked outward toward the baby food aisle for answers.

Should we really be diving right into the billion dollar market of boxed processed cereals for our babies? My pediatrician recommends it and most moms do it. What do you do?


chanelle said...

so true! I too just went with conventional wisdom on my first child- rice cereal, etc, but have learned a thing or two by #4! and the good news is I didn't mess up my first too ,uch- she's only 6 and loves veggies. I wish more moms knew this instead of feeding their babies things like fake dried yogurt balls!

UrbanCrunchyMama said...

Bananas were Taylor's first solid food, but I did feed her jarred food on a regular basis. My understanding and appreciation for nutrition and food just wasn't what it is now. For our next child, I'll stick to whole foods (e.g. avocados and egg yolks) and make my own purees. Those major brands can keep their puffs and crackers, thank you. :-)

Debra said...

Here in France no one serves rice cereal to infants...I asked our pediatrician about it when my son was 6 months old and she said it had no nutritional value and makes kids fat, so they recommend fruits and vegetables instead, followed by yogurt, cheese and meat (of course, when he was 1, I asked if there was anything he shouldn't eat and after thinking it over the only thing she could come up with was foie gras...)

Yipsl said...

jarred and boed baby foods, even the cool-lablled "organic"ones, are such a scam! I let my baby tell me she was ready to try dofy ordinary foods - she started watching and imitating the adilts chewing, then she grabbed a slice of raw red onion and put it in her mouth, anbd replaced it when it slipped. I also think that advice too many give to "mi your breast mil" with cereal etc is whacked - bleagh, I'm no dairy goat, and baby should enjoy nursing and also enjoy the varied textures and flavors of good natural foods. usually, they start taking an interest in food right about when their teeth first com in. my baby ate baked sweet potatoes, sveamed carrots, mashed pinto beans, soft corn tortillas, baked potatoes and eggplant, some lettuce and onion, and baked apples. over the neV si months I added fresh peas, steamed greens such as spinach and chard, fresh tomatoes her favorite treat at age months, brown rice and other whole grains, and by the time she was a year old she seemed to do fine eating tofu, pancakes and breads made with good quality flour, some fruit juices and fresh fruits in season, and the occasional egg as in french toast or a vegetable omelet. I held off on citrus fruit and berries until around age 1 year, and on even quality chocolate, as well as wheat breads, pasta, and baked goods, because they can be allergenic if eaten too early. she is now a healthy vegetarian teen and has a few mild food allergies - citrus peel though she loves the fruit, and fluid cows mil, which runs in our family. her second full sentence at age 1 or 20 months was, "I want Chinese food!", which she also still loves.

Anonymous said...

have you stopped blogging? i don't blame you. i don't blog myself but i just found your blog and regret that you seem finished. i mother the same way as you do - though i gave up trying to go diaper free when my own pants were causing more laundry than just using my cloth diapers. so now we're back fully with diapers.

my question is, are you somewhere else or have you just stopped?

becky @

Thais of Spinach and Honey said...

Hi Becky -Thanks for asking...I'm always thinking of things to blog about but I never get around to blogging. Two kids is kicking my ***. I am also writing a book, and so the little time that I have to write, I've been writing the book. I still think about my blog and really want to start up again. P.S. I've decided that Elimination Communication is my preferred term for "diaper free" because West communicated very clearly that he didn't want any part of my early potty training ideas. We've been doing cloth and disposables. Last night, was the first time he voluntary sat on the potty and went pee. He's 22 months.

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