Thursday, November 19, 2009

Adding Protein to Toddler Dinners

Nate doesn't want anything mixed into his pasta like chicken or bacon bits. I'm always looking for ways to feed him protein. Sometimes I use nutritional yeast. But lately, I have been mixing in an egg.

I started off cooking the egg over low heat in the cooked and drained pasta, but it didn't turn out creamy. The egg looked like scrambled eggs.

"What's that?" Nate asked peering into his bowl of pasta.

Now I use the best eggs that I can find, and I just use the hot pasta to cook it, no flame!


1 egg to 2 cups of dry pasta
Cook pasta
Drain water
Put pasta back into pot
Crack egg into hot pasta and stir vigorously to mix
Add any sauce to pasta and egg

In rice, I like the scrambled egg texture, and so I think cooking it over heat works.

1 egg to 1 cup cooked rice
Cook rice
Scoop rice into a fry pan over low heat
Crack egg over rice
Stir until cooked into the rice, 3-5 minutes


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