Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where to find Rainbow Grocery Coupons?

I love shopping at Rainbow Grocery. One of the greatest things about Rainbow is the coupon days, but finding the coupons can sometimes be hard. The first time that I looked for them, I spent an entire afternoon driving from place to place asking to look at a phone book in every coffee shop that I passed.

If the person behind the counter handed me a Valley Yellow Pages, I'd hand it back and ask if they had an AT&T one. I'd get glares and looks of confusion. Who cares what phone book, right?

Well, Rainbow coupons are only found in AT&T phone books. If a coffee shop did have an AT&T phone book, I would get so excited only to turn to where the coupon page should be and find that someone got there before me!

Another problem with small shops was they only had one phone book. If I plan to shop each week of the month, I need four coupons. That means four AT&T phone books at least, right.

So, where can a dedicated Rainbow shopper find a bunch of phone books to tear coupons out of? Supermarkets! Yes, but not all supermarkets have AT&T phone books. Lucky's on Masonic and Fulton only has the Valley Yellow pages.

Safeway is the place to go and the Castro Safeway is the best of the best. They have stacks of these phone books five feet tall outside their store. I don't even have to walk into the store and talk to anyone. I can quietly hover over each phone book and tear out the page that I need and stick it back in the stack. I don't start looking at the top of the pile but slide out phone books from the bottom because I know the top of the stack has most likely already been picked over.

My Rainbow coupon saved me $60 this week.


Thystle said...

Oh so good to know. I tried the Lucky's off of Sloat and it had a one or two year old phone book with the coupons gone, of course. And it seems that payphones with their ubiquitous phone books are becoming a dying breed.

Did you get the coupons right when they came out (in December?)? Or do you think they still have them?

I started shopping at Rainbow about two years ago, and for some reason that's the same time that AT&T stopped giving us a phone book - phooey!

Spinach and Honey said...

Hi Thystle -I think that you'll still have good luck at the Castro Safeway if you go now or whenever. Also I wanted to point out for those of us who didn't notice that the coupon policy has changed this year at Rainbow. Coupon month is now every month. That means every week on Wed. and Thurs. except Nov. and Dec.

amyjeangraff said...

Thanks so much for the Safeway tip. Love this post. I'm a huge fan of Rainbow but always forget about the coupons.

Thystle said...

Score! I got over to the Safeway Castro this evening and found my coupons. I took them from the middle and bottom and top and went 4 out of 6.

I wonder if the AT&T folks replenish the stacks every so often?

Thanks so much! This post will literally save me over a $1000!

Spinach and Honey said...

Cool! I am so glad that I am helping some people out.

Thais of Spinach and Honey said...

It's Jan. 2010 and I hear that Castro Safeway doesn't have the big stack out front any more.

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