Thursday, January 22, 2009

Making Soup

I just love this picture of Mikey cooking. From about 5-6pm almost everyday we work in the kitchen. Soup is one of the easiest ways to get vegetables into Mikey. It helps to include him in the process. In the picture, he is pureeing a kale potato soup. I also always start with the soup first at our meals. I don't put any other food on the table and avoid snacks 1.5 to 2 hrs. before dinner. I only give him about 3/4 cup of soup to start. He feels happy when he finishes it and he'll often ask for more.

Carrot Soup


amyjeangraff said...

Cute! I think he's an up and coming chef!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous photo, an accomplished chef it seems!!!

Spinach and Honey said...

It takes patience and a little extra time but he can actually save me time sometimes. When he is pureeing, I can do some other preparing. And then, there is those times that he pulls the blender out of the soup with it still running and soup splatters everywhere. It's all part of it.

Nhân Lãng said...

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