Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kitchen Tip: strainer for compost

My compost bins are right outside the kitchen door, but sometimes even that is too far. I found myself throwing away food because I didn't want to walk out the backdoor and scrape the food into the compost bin. I was looking for a good idea that drained food and didn't store too much in the house. I found the solution at Mikey's cooking class for tots, the kids scraped their food into a strainer with a bowl under it to catch the juices. After cleaning up, someone dumped the food into the compost bin and poured the liquid down the sink.

This system has been working great for me at home. When I clean up after a meal, I scrape everything into the strainer with a bowl under it. I open the backdoor once after we are completely done and dump the food outside. And I can handle that one trip!

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Spinach and Honey said...

I received an email from a reader who was interested in where I took the tots cooking class. Here is the link: We took Cooking with Lalla Carini.

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