Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter has Come to California

It's the end of December and I am feeling the lack of produce that comes with Winter. Up until now, I've notice a slow disappearance of local produce but nothing that made me think, what will I cook? How will I get my vegis and fruits? Then this week on my weekly grocery trip to Rainbow, I couldn't buy potatoes for my soups because they were from Oregon. I couldn't buy peppers for my homemade salsa because they were from Mexico. On top of a nearly empty grocery cart, I found out that the grass fed beef that I've been buying for months now from Falletti's is from Uruguay. But, the truth is, I want to feel this loss of the abundance of food that is always waiting for me at the store. The challenge now is, what do I cook? Oh, and Falletti's says they'll have local grass fed beef in January.

I am sure that there is plenty of things to eat, but I need to make a shift in our regular meals. We have our standard weekly meals like everyone else, but now, I need to think of some new meals to fit what food is available or should I say, not available. I am also allowing myself to pick-up one thing in the produce department that is not local: bananas.


Lydia said...

Others might think we're nuts, but I empathize with your commitment to buying local and seasonal produce.

Each trip to Chicago, I am even more grateful for the abundance we enjoy in California. A trip to Whole Foods results in produce from California, Washington, Oregon and various Latin countries. Organic chicken does not exist at the WF here. The selection of protein is just sad, but I guess it's what's to be expected in the great Corn Belt.

Stacey said...

Wow! Here in NJ, all of the produce this time of year is from California. Maybe that's why you can't get anything local... it's being shipped cross-country.

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