Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Home Birth

Well, food has not been on my mind lately because I am pregnant! My first trimester has involved a lot of appointments and a lot of decisions. You can read about my first home birth appointment with Maria Iorillo on


Erin M said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That is very exciting news.

Anonymous said...

Great news, I'm looking forward to following your progress, you are obviously not suffering from morning sickness, or are you? ;)

Are you following a Weston A. Price or Nourishing Traditions based diet during pregnancy?

Spinach and Honey said...

Hi Lune - I am feeling great. I am swimming once or twice a week. I take naps when Mikey is sleeping and trying to make authentic decisions for myself. I haven't looked at those Sally Fallon pages about what to eat while pregnant, but I should. Thanks for the reminder. Enjoy your every-other-day blogging and keep us posted on your writing process and progress. I am trying to formulate my own book but have no idea what it should be. I am thinking fiction. I am trying to use Tolle's writing process as well. So it's interesting for me to hear how it's going for you. -Thais

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