Monday, November 24, 2008

I Bought a Willie Bird

My guests this Thanksgiving will eat a happy bird: a Willie Bird. Willie Birds can be organic/free range or just free range. The manager at A. G. Ferrari Foods said that the organic birds are more controlled and isolated than the solely free range birds. The organic birds are all kept together and aren't allowed to eat bugs flying around. Whereas the free range birds roam the grounds and eat bugs and whatever else they find. All the birds are raised well so organic took a back seat for me and I bought a free range bird because I want my bird to eat bugs and be as free as a farm bird can be. (This is the reason why vegetarian fed chickens are a red flag for me when I shop for eggs. It's a sign that those chickens aren't living a normal farm life. Birds aren't vegetarians.)

The farm is in Sonoma just North of San Francisco, so I am also getting a local bird. I can't wait to cook this bird and serve it to my family. I wonder if I'll notice a taste difference? A 15 lbs. bird costs around $60 at A.G. Ferrari.

Thanksgiving 2004

Thanksgiving 2005

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grantatee said...


so wonderful to see you this afternoon.

it made my day :)


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