Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Snails are Loving My Peas

The garden is growing well. Mikey and I cut off two lettuce leaves today to taste. I think that I'll be able to harvest a salad for two for dinner tonight. To harvest lettuce, I cut one to three leaves from the outside of all the lettuce plants. By harvesting this way, I can harvest small plants and keep on harvesting as they grow.

My camera broke so I don't have pictures right now, but the seeds are sprouting. I'll have carrots, spinach, and beets soon. I am afraid that the snails are enjoying the garden more than I am. They have eaten 90% of the sugar snap peas. Some only have a long stem. All their leaves and flowers are gone.

My bok choy looks good. It sits next to the lettuce but it doesn't grow as fast as the lettuce. One plant has some bugs under the leaves. I wonder if I should pull this one to save the rest. I worry that the bugs will travel to the other bok choy.

I spent a few minutes picking off the pine needles that fell onto the garden with the little rain that we had Friday night. I pulled some weeds but other than that I am just watching it do its thing.


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