Sunday, September 7, 2008

Victory Garden Site Visit

Brooke rode up on her bike for my site visit. She is one of the three part-time employees working for the Victory Gardens non-profit. With help from volunteers Brooke will plant 15 vegetable gardens in San Francisco. I am crossing my fingers that I'll be one of those 15.

During her visit we discussed the best location for a garden, how to move materials to and from the backyard, and what I'd like to grow. We decided to do one half of a terrace and dig out about a foot of soil, put down a weed tarp and then add back new top soil. I wanted to grow basil because I make a lot of pesto, but she has had little success with basil in San Francisco. She says that lettuce and kale are great choices. Those work for me too. She thinks that she can have the garden planted in four hours. She must bring an army of volunteers with her because this project would take Zack and I a whole summer.

I pulled out a carrot for her to taste and gave her a couple of Nate bars for the road. It was six o'clock on Friday and she still had another site visit to do.


Thystle said...

If you are thinking about vegetable gardening in San Francisco you HAVE TO buy the book Golden Gate Gardening by Pam Pierce. She teaches gardening at City College and the book is chock full of information for dealing with our climate. Like how to grow basil - Step 1 live in the right microclimate, say the mission, and step 2 cross your fingers :) And other good things like how to grow things year round in SF.

Keep us posted. I like to find other new vegetable gardeners in the city!

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