Friday, August 29, 2008

Slow Food Nation: Civic Center

Mikey and I took the bus down to the Civic Center this morning to check out the scene. We walked around the Victory Garden and browsed the booths. We ate tons of amazing samples. The most memorable were the apricot jam by We Love Jam and the rice apricot crisp by Massa Organics. But what really made the excursion worth it was I met Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures. Mikey and I drink a lot of raw milk from Organic Pastures and Mark is the owner. His whole family was there working the booth and it was great to shake hands with the person providing milk for my family. He gave me a half gallon of milk for free. I thanked him for not only producing such high quality milk but for being a political activist too and fighting for our food in Sacramento. Thank you Mark!


Maureen said...

I'm happy someone I know made it. I had planned to stop by the market before work, but I lost track of time. It does sound like a wonderful excursion for you and Mikey.

Lydia said...

I was thinkin' you might go and post about it. Sounds like a wonderful experience for the both of you. Going back for more over the next couple of days?

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