Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Snack Time with a Young Visitor

When Anna came over for a sleepover last weekend, she ate what we ate. I always get a little nervous when other kids come to our house because every house has different food. I worry that they won't like my food and go home hungry and never want to come back. Anna seemed to love all our food. She climbed up the two-step ladder to see all the clear glass jars filled with food. For snack, she dug up this delicious mélange:

Nate bar
Frozen banana
Rice milk (She calls it strawberry milk)

After snack we hunted for snap peas and blackberries in the backyard. We pulled a carrot out of the dirt and rinsed it off under the hose and she ate the whole thing.

Yes, I still live in San Francisco :)


Anonymous said...

Why are you so suprised your visitor would eat your food? none of those things are out of the ordinary or exotic....We all feed our children. And San Francisco is full of bountiful blackberries.

Anonymous said...

where in the city do you live? in my neighborhood in the mission, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to eat root vegetables b/c of the heavy metals in the soil (lead, etc)

Spinach and Honey said...

Interesting point about the soil quality in San Francisco. I didn't know that was an issue. We have most of our vegetables growing in raised beds. Not all of them though! We'll have to test our soil. Thanks for your comment.

grantatee said...

nate bars make a delicious snack! i have one every morning!!

and um, to put my 2 cents in about the comment from anonymous #1, i know that when i was young i was quite the picky eater and none of the listed foods in the entry would come even close to the foods i was familiar with eating-- mcdonald's happy meals, potato chips, soda, ice cream: those were all delicious wonderful snacks.

one time i stayed the entire day with my aunt and uncle who ate differently than my home. i was so uncomfortable with their food choices that i didn't eat the entire day!

i get excited when parents introduce their children to healthy foods from the start-- what a wonderful, delicious culinary adventure i was missing out on-- one that included vegetables, fruits and whole grains. yummmm.

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