Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Saving Vegetable Water

Tonight I cooked green beans by blanching them for a minute in boiling water, straining them, putting them into a serving bowl and mixing them in the bowl with melted coconut oil and salt.

In my old days, I would just toss the water that I use to blanch the beans. Now, I save that nutrient rich water in the fridge or freezer for three reasons.

  1. The water has nutrients that I boiled off the beans for the sake of a tender bean. I want to eat those nutrients in another dish if I can.
  2. I just made a quart of vegetable broth with zero extra effort. It's not fancy but it works.
  3. I am saving water because I am not throwing the boiling water down the sink drain. I am going to reuse it in another dish.
Enjoy the beautiful beans out there this summer!


Melissa said...

I had a meal last night at a friend's who re-used the water from the boiled vegetables for each dish. The water from the boiled potatoes was used for the carrots, then the pasta and so on. Aside from the delicious taste from this amazing cook, it felt great to know that every nutrient was consumed. And he did save this water for a stock to use later.

kdsullivan said...

Does anyone know if the vegetable water is good for watering houseplants? I'd heard this at one point and haven't been able to find info on this anywhere.

Anonymous said...

In answer to is vegetable water good for houseplants? Go to potato water and a comment is shown that it is, except don't put salt in it or you may not have any plants to water.

Stacyrex said...

Vegi water can be very vad for you!
Please follow the link:(or copy and paste into address bar)

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