Monday, July 21, 2008

Quinoa and Corn Pasta with Pesto and Lamb Sausage

Quinoa and corn pasta is a yummy non-gluten pasta. It's good to branch out from the standard wheat or semolina (refined white flour) pasta . Read my posts here and here. Also, quinoa contains more protein than rice.

I used my standard pesto sauce and then sprinkle about a cup of my mystery leafy green on top that I bought at the farmer's market. I've got to find out the name of it next time that I go. I like to use spinach in this same fashion but enjoyed the flavor of this mystery green better. Mikey seemed to really like it too. It's a good habit to sprinkle something green on pasta; otherwise, pasta dinner can sometimes lack in the vegetable department.

And finally, we grilled up one lamb sausage and put a couple bites on each plate. For not planning this meal at all, I thought that it turned out nicely. I think a little feta cheese and/or olives would have made it fabulous!


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