Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hydrogen Peroxide for the Ears

Boy it's windy in San Francisco right now. I hear more about children getting ear infections than adults. Nonetheless, I managed to have an ear infection about five years ago and I was crying on the phone to the Kaiser advice nurse. Ear infections are incredibly painful. Now when I hear fluid sloshing around in my ear or I feel pain (a.k.a. earache), I take precautions. Craig Marble, a San Francisco Acupuncturist specializing in pediatric/family care, recommended that I try a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide in each ear for about five minutes. I heard bubbling and fizzing and then hours later the pain was gone. I feel like I avoided a full blown ear infection that sends me begging for powerful drugs like vicodin and antibiotics.

View diagram here.

Home remedy site here and here.


s said...

I did some research a few years ago on hydrogen peroxide. I have had several ear infections that went away after (carefully) swabbing my inner ear with hydrogen peroxide a few times a day for a couple days. I also used hydrogen peroxide swabs in my nose when I caught a bacterial sinus significantly reduced my healing time and I used NO antibiotics. Why so many doctors seem unaware of such solutions is disturbing.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they know but where's the money in that?

Anonymous said...

You can also swab with garlic oil...helps with the pain & fights infection.

Anonymous said...

Hydrogren Peroxide does help but there are natural ways to prevent the ear infection coming back. Pretty good read on [url=""]Curing an Earache[/url]

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