Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Three Tips for Straw Cup Users

Mikey uses straw cups. The straws often end up lost or sliced to pieces by the garbage disposal. One time a bought a whole new cup just because I needed the straw part and the store employee said that Playtex stopped making the replacement straws.

This week I just ordered and received cup parts from the Playtex website. In fact, they have parts for their other products too. This makes me very happy.

Tip #1 = Buy replacement cup parts from http://www.playtexstore.com/cgi-bin/category/PTXP-22SCP

Tip #2 = You don't have to use the Playtex straws. Generic flexible straws work fine. I often use the regular straws when I haven't washed the Playtex straws yet. They just aren't water tight. See picture. I wash and reuse these straws as well.

Tip #3 = Clean the inside of the straws with something like Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Cleaning Brushes.


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