Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Making Salads

Lately, I eat salad once a day. Greens are in season. It seems almost everything is in season or almost in season. I think that I've discovered the best way to make a salad with the fewest dishes and the tastiest of flavors.

#1 = I use the biggest salad bowl that I have even if I am making a salad just for me. I make the vinaigrette, toss the salad, and eat the salad all in this one large bowl.

#2 = Make a simple vinaigrette with about 1/4 cup olive oil, 1 tablespoon vinegar, salt and pepper. If I am feeling adventurous, I try different types of vinegar. I like raw apple cider vinegar. Or, I add a teaspoon of mustard. Or, I cut up a clove of a shallot. Shallots add so much flavor to the salad.

#3 = I add any extras that I have on hand into the vinaigrette. I love fresh mozzarella and local organic tomatoes when in season. Olives are always a nice and fast addition to a beautiful salad. Then, I let it marinate while I wash and dry the lettuce.

#4 = Toss the lettuce in with the marinated ingredients. Then I eat the salad straight from the bowl. Unless, of course, I have a visitor who would like to share some of my salad.


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