Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Coconut Rice: One Yummy Way to Use Leftover Rice

Often times I end up tossing leftover rice after a week of it sitting in the fridge. Since I haven't gone to the store since before the holiday weekend, I had no choice but to use my leftover rice. I decided to attempt coconut fried rice. I must say that the rice turned out so good that I would have served it to dinner guests (not that I have dinner guests much anymore). Read my post on coconut oil here. I turned my boring old, dry, leftover rice into coconut fried rice, a dish that I love to order at Burmese restaurants.

4 cups leftover rice
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1/4 cup milk

I heated the coconut oil in my cast iron skillet, then added the rice. I mixed it around so the rice was evenly coated with the oil, and then added milk. I mixed some more and simmered on low until the rest of the meal was ready. We had lamb cooked on the grill with our leftover rice. I think that Mikey liked the coconut twist because he ate more rice than usual.

Here's another leftover rice recipe here.


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