Friday, May 16, 2008

Carrot Soup

Soups are the best way for me to feed Mikey vegetables. I like to try and make soup once a week. It normally takes us just about a week to eat one batch of soup. Mikey loves soup and he likes it cold with a straw. That makes it a super fast snack. I just pull it out of the fridge and pour it into his glass. He devours a whole glass if I give it to him when he wakes up from his nap. Or, whenever he is most hungry. I love to have soup in the refrigerator. It's a great lunch if a friend stops by or an appetizer if dinner is a little light. Soups are a great way to use up all those leafy greens I get from my Community Supported Agriculture box (CSA). Best of all soups are really easy to make. There's a basic way to make soup that lends itself to whatever kind of soup that I want to make. The picture shows my carrot soup. Here's how I made it.

Based on The Art of Simple Food, by Alice Waters:
1/2 stick butter (use olive oil for the green leafy soups)
1 onion
1 thyme sprig or any fresh herb that you have on the counter (optional)
6 cups carrots or whatever you have on hand
6 cups broth
Creme fraiche

In the largest pot that you own, melt the butter. Coarsely chop the onion. Let cook for about seven minutes or until transparent. Add the thyme sprig or some dry thyme from the pantry. Peel and chop the carrots. Make them the same thickness so that they cook at the same rate. Add them to the pot. Salt. Add enough broth to just cover all the ingredients. Cook until carrots are soft (about a half an hour). I like to use a hand blender to puree my soups but I could also use a blender. I add the creme fraiche to the soup that I plan to serve immediately. I don't like to put the creme fraiche in and then store it. I add it right before I serve the soup about a tablespoon per serving. Milk is also good if you don't have creme fraiche. Soups are very forgiving and an excellent snack.


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