Saturday, April 5, 2008


Two-thirds of America's soy is genetically engineered (scary!). Also, like dairy, soy contains a protein enzyme (trypsin) that prevents it and other nutrients from being properly digested. It is because of this enzyme that some people have a hard time with dairy products. I was shocked to learn that soy had the same enzyme. I thought people with lactose intolerance drank soy milk. Is that not true? Some types of soy are easier to digest like cooked tofu and soy sauce. Mikey has always showed signs of lactose intolerance, and so I was giving him soy milk for awhile, even soy formula. Without realizing it, I was just exchanging one problematic drink for another. Now, I give him rice milk instead of soy milk. He still drinks some nonhomogenized cow's milk and raw milk just not a ton. To learn more about homogenized milk versus nonhomogenized, visit the Straus Family Creamery Web site. Thank goodness, Mikey is adaptable and likes to try new things!


Alisa said...

Hello, just stumbled upon your blog! Soy isn't the end all be all for lactose intolerance or milk allergies. My house doesn't eat soymilk at all, we use almond and rice milks to keep from eating too much soy (it is everywhere in the American diet) and because we like the taste better!

sloth108 said...

Lactose intolerance is more due to lack of lactase- a specific enzyme which breaks down the milk-sugar lactose.
I'm lactose intolerant, and have decided to stay off soy too, but my reasons were more connected to the oestrogen levels in soy than trypsin.

btw - love your blog :)

virginie said...

I am giving soy milk to my son since he is 6 months old... Because he is half asian, his dr advised not to give cow milk but soy milk instead, it would be easier for him to digest it... but I've also heard about this intolerance to soy milk. Apparently he is ok with it. Well, I think the best is not to give too much of one product. I will try to give him rice drink and almond drink too!

virginie said...

Hi, my son has just developed an allergy so I a trying to cut the soy... Except almond and rice, do you know if goat milk is well digested by the young kids?

Thais said...

I've heard that it is a great alternative to cow's milk. I hear it is very nutritious. We bought some once or twice just to experiment but we didn't stick with it for no particular reason. I don't know a ton about it to be of much help.

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