Saturday, April 12, 2008

Soaking and Drying Oats

I soak and then dry my rolled oats for making granola bars like these here and granola breakfast cereal here. Read here for more info on why I like to soak my oats.

I dehydrate the oats at 250 degrees with my oven or dehydrator. I can't do huge batches with my oven because to dry the oats they have to be spread on one layer like the picture. I sometimes do two or three cookie sheets but I learned the hard way never to over populate the cookie sheet. Here is the process. I can make a lot more with a dehydrator.

1 cup oats
2 tablespoons yogurt or lemon juice
2 cups water
butter for cookie sheet
salt to taste

Pour the oats, yogurt (or lemon juice), and water in a bowl. Cover and let sit on the counter top overnight. Lightly butter a cookie sheet and preheat the oven to 250 degrees. If using a dehydrator, use the sheets without holes. I don't need to butter the dehydrator sheets. Drain the oats in a colander and run water over them. I rinse the oats for taste. Also the oats seem too wet when I put them on the sheets without rinsing first. Spread the oats in a single layer on a cookie sheet or dehydrator sheet. Put in the oven/dehydrator until the oats are dry. Mix them around and fold them over halfway through the drying time. Now they're ready for bars or granola cereal.


Amy said...

My daughter was just asking about making homemade granola bars. I'm going to try this!

Donielle said...

I was just wondering if it was possible to dry the oats after soaking. They are a big ingredient in my own granola bars and I'm trying to get the most nutrition possible out of them! Thanks!

Spinach and Honey said...

Donielle - yes, I soak and then dry my oats. I now do it so often that I invested in a dehydrator but you can do it in the oven. Just dry them on a low heat (not over 300 F) until they are dry. If you flip them over once or twice while they're drying, they will dry faster.

Donielle said...

I actually just received my dehydrator today! I have them soaking now, what temp do you normally dry them at?

Donielle said...

Another question. How long do you soak your sunflower seeds? I've been searching the web and everyone seems to do it differently. Thanks!

Spinach and Honey said...

Hi Donielle - I dry my oats at 145-155F. I don't have any hard facts to back those degrees they are just the highest temps that the dehydrator will go (I have a dehydrator now!). Sunflower seeds sprout quickly. They only need overnight. I can actually see the sprouts coming out of them. That is how I know that they are ready.

Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

This is excellent! We enjoy no bake cookies around here, so I went on a google hunt for soaking & drying the oats. Here we come Healthy No-Bake Carob Cookies!!!

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