Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Forget the salad, just eat lettuce!

Eating a salad sounds like something easy to make, but sometimes it's not. When I catch myself saying, "Oh my God, that's way too much work," I just make a bowl of lettuce instead. Ok, I admit, I actually make a bowl of lettuce a lot. The truth is that ever since I went to New Zealand and they served butter lettuce with a little vinaigrette at every restaurant. I fell in love. Lettuce is very nutritious all by itself. We aren't doing ourselves any injustice by just eating it plain. It's green, right. Green food is good for me and my little pumpkin.

I use to think that the lettuce part of a salad was just water and that the rest of what I put into the salad was the nutritious part. It sounds like I am not that smart and maybe I am not but that's the truth. Now I know at the solid age of 33 that eating green leafy leaves is really important whether or not there is other yummy stuff on top. And that suits my lazy self just fine!

I buy different varieties because it's good to be different and because no leafy green is the same as its cousin (or are heads of lettuce brothers?). They all have different nutrients. I just finished reading "In the Defense of Food," so I am not going to list all the nutrients packed into lettuce because really, who cares. What do I ever do with that information anyway?

When I get home from the store with all my greens, I leave them out until nap time. Then I get to work after the kid goes down or rather my sweet little angel rests his head down for nappy time. Oh and also after I have a cup of tea and a square of dark chocolate (or a row). So an hour into Mikey's nap, I finally wash my lettuce and put it into a bag and stick it in the fridge. Now, whenever I want a salad, I just grab a fist full of lettuce, drizzle a little homemade vinaigrette on top and my salad is finito!


virginie said...

I love lettuce!!
Does your son eat it too ? I've proposed to my son several times but he really doesn't want to eat it... Maybe too young (18 months)?

Thais said...

No Mikey isn't eating lettuce either. He is two now. He looks at it like it's a mysterious object from outer space. Not sure why?

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