Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Quinoa and Corn Pasta

I'm adding quinoa and corn pasta to the rotation. Read one of my recipe posts that uses quinoa and corn pasta here. In this post here, I talk about how most pastas are made from semolina flour which is enriched white flour. I would never buy Wonder Bread so how was I fooled into buying white flour pasta. Since this realization, I try to feed my family a variety of pastas. And this quinoa/corn pasta from Rainbow Grocery makes the mark! It looks good and tastes normal! Looks don't matter of course, but I am still programmed to like yellow pasta. And tasting normal is still sadly normal like industrialized food normal.

Other pastas that I like are whole wheat pasta and rice pasta. My family does still eat semolina pasta but just not every time that we eat pasta. Mix it up, be different! Plus quinoa and corn are gluten-free, which is good for all of our digestive systems, not just those who are gluten intolerant.

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I came across this ingredient on the label of a bin at Rainbow Grocery where I often purchase "semolina spaghetti." I haven't a clue what semolina actually is so I decided to do some research. What did I find? Semolina is little more than a nice Italian-sounding word for "enriched white flour." White flour!?!? When I do feed Mikey flour, it ought to be whole wheat. Goodness, it seems everyone is out to trick me. I have to make the effort to research everything I buy. Little by little, I'm learning exactly what I'm feeding my little boy.


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Lydia said...

Ever tried quinoa pasta? And quinoa is complete protein too!

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