Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Non-Homogenized Milk

About every week I buy raw milk and non-homogenized milk. Milk is so processed these days. Have you seen the new ultra-pasteurized milk on the shelves? Maybe we shouldn't be drinking milk from companies that need to sterilize their milk that much. Pasteurization actually prevents calcium absorption rather being a good source of calcium. With all my foods, I try to air on the side of the least processed as possible.

Raw milk is the best because it's straight from the cow. My three-year old has been drinking raw milk since he was off the breast and I am presently 31 weeks pregnant and still healthfully drinking raw milk. Raw milk is pricey so we drink it more like medicine and use pasteurized, non-homogenized milk for baking.

If you buy low-fat, homogenized, pasteurized milk, an easy way to start drinking better milk is to chose whole, non-homogenized, pasteurized milk. A non-profit milk educational site describes the process of homogenization:

When milk is homogenized, it passes through a fine filter at pressures equal to 4,000 pounds per square inch, and in so doing, the fat globules (liposomes) are made smaller (micronized) by a factor of ten times or more. These fat molecules become evenly dispersed within the liquid milk.

Milk fat naturally comes to the top of a carton of milk. Homogenization breaks it up so we don't have the inconvenience of scooping out the milk fat. I like to buy products that have had the least tampering. I don't buy nonfat milk, lowfat milk or milk with added vitamins. I just try to find milk that resembles the original product, cow's milk.

Non-homogenized milk is second best to raw milk because it's less processed than homogenized milk. I always buy whole milk because that's where I am going to get the benefits of drinking milk in the first place and again it has not been filtered through a machine to take out the fat. I am not going to gain weight from drinking a couple cups of whole milk during the day; I am going to get fat and sick from eating processed foods.

There isn't any harm in eating the fat at the top of a non-homogenized milk jar. It is pure and free whipping cream. I often whip it up and eat it over strawberries. When I filter the milk fat out of the milk jar, I use a colander. Then, I pour out all of the milk through a colander and into a bowl. Next, I wash out the milk jar and pour the milk back into the jar using the funnel that you see in the picture.

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Nancy said...

I just bought some non-homogenized milk today, can't wait to try it!

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