Sunday, March 30, 2008


My thoughts on this new baby food:

I think making the first foods for a baby is a great way to learn to cook. For me making my own pureed baby food was my first step into the kitchen. I remember saying to myself, "I think that I can mash a banana with a fork. Yes, I believe that I can do that." And, from that point forward, I never looked back. At the beginning, I used Super Baby Food, by Ruth Yaron. She writes about how to pick the best produce at the store and how to cook it. I was so excited to finally know how to choose a good potato from a bad potato. Slowly but surely, I learned how to buy and cook food. If I didn't learn to cook for Mikey, then what would he be eating now at two years old? Frozen mac n'cheese? Yuck! And if I didn't cook for him, would he really have the broad palette that he does now. I urge moms and dads to take responsibility for their family meals. Learn to cook; it doesn't get much easier than pureed foods.

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