Friday, December 21, 2007

Feeding Routines

I was in a steady routine of feeding Mikey a smoothie at around 4pm. Then, he started eating a very, very light lunch and was too full from his smoothie for a decent dinner. I realized that he wasn't just in love with my smoothies, he was really hungry at that time of day. Now, I feed him his big meal at 4pm and he is devouring his plate again. I like the new routine because we have more time at the park (or wherever) in the mornings. I also have his nap time to prepare his early dinner. The bummer part is that I don't eat with him. I just watch, which is a little painful. But, I am sure that he will change again and we'll be back to our family dinners. Like my mother-in-law says, "There is only one thing that you can count on with kids, they will change."

(Revisited this post and we're back to a six o'clock dinner.)


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