Monday, November 26, 2007

Cheerios: I'm all puffed up about cereal

Since Cheerios are a whole wheat cereal, I would think that they are fine to feed to our little ones. However, according to the Nourishing Traditions cookbook, the problem is the puff! Yes! I never thought to consider exactly the affects of the process of getting Cheerios to look the way that they do.

Cheerios are formed at high pressure and temperatures. This process is called the extrusion process. It destroys many valuable nutrients in grains, causes fragile oils to become rancid, and renders certain proteins toxic (Nourishing Traditions).

Beware of puffed cereal; they may look good but they aren't as nutritious as oatmeal, eggs, whole wheat or spelt pancakes, oat bran muffins, and other favorite breakfast foods.


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