Monday, October 29, 2007

Raw Milk and Cheese: I switched

Last week I purchased my first raw cheese. Two weeks ago I bought my first quart of raw milk. Buying these two products was a huge jump for me. I have to admit I was skeptical and thought raw milk and cheese would taste weird. But, after trying it out I like the taste of raw dairy better.

From what I've read, us humans have been drinking raw milk for thousands of years and only pasteurized and homogenized milk since the 1920s. Milk production was getting dirty around that time and so instead of cleaning up the farms the campaign for pasteurized milk began. The raw milk farms now are small and clean farms and the risk of disease from raw milk is less than from "big farm" pasteurized milk. Mark McAfee, founder of Organic Pastures Dairy says, "The typical conventional milk tank had either salmonella or E. coli O157:H7 detected about 30 percent of the time. In comparison, Organic Pastures has never had one pathogen – ever." I realize this guy is the founder of a raw milk company so please read more about raw milk here and here.

I want those enzymes, Vitamins C, B12 and B6, milk proteins, beneficial bacteria that pasteurization strips away. And, who cares if there's a little butterfat at the top of the milk. Homogenization's only purpose is cosmetic. It breaks down butterfat so it doesn't come to the top.

It was only a few months ago that I made the switch to whole milk. After that I switched to pasteurized but not homogenized milk. Now Mikey and I are drinking raw milk. We still drink pasteurized but not homogenized milk as well. I also use a lot of buttermilk and we are still drinking rice milk. I like to mix things up! I have been reading a lot of not so good things about rice milk lately so it might be on the outs soon. I should also mention that Mikey's pediatrician and my mother do not approve of raw milk. Oh, well!

Read this article in Harper's Magazine about raw milk.


Lydia said...

I love, love, love how you condense the research you've collected, as it is always approachable and concise.

If the goverment gets its way and bans raw milk in California, there are always cow shares. I can't imagine Mark at OP and Ron at Claravale are just gonna get rid of their prized cows. Someone's gotta drink that milk.

If the Feds can be sneaky, so can we. We would just be individuals entering a contract with a farmer.

Of course, I've never done this (as I have never needed to), but this is what people do in the other 46 states that absurdly deem raw milk illegal for human consumption.

I swear. Something is totally messed up about our country if we allow an endless list of atrocities but attack food grown and raised with integrity. But that's a whole 'nother topic...

Anonymous said...

Thanks to your site, I've started buying raw milk for my kids. They don't even notice the difference. It tastes basically the same though I think it seems a bit fresher and sweeter.

Dparker said...

i have to give it up for kefir

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