Friday, October 26, 2007

Puréed Cauliflower and Béchamel sauce

Yes, I Tivo Oprah! I don't always watch it because I often cry at least once during the show. However, I couldn't resist watching Jessica Seinfeld promote her book Deceptively Delicious:Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food. And no, I didn't cry, but I did get inspired to write about this puréed food in Mikey's diet.

I made a lot of puréed foods when Mikey was under 12 months, but I don't do much of that kind of cooking now because he is bigger. However, I still use one puréed food: cauliflower. When I have fifteen minutes to make dinner, I whip up a simple white sauce (a.k.a Béchamel sauce) and throw it over rice pasta. For a twist, I add in puréed cauliflower.

Here's how I do it:

  1. Boil water and cut the cauliflower cloves off at the stem.
  2. Put the cauliflower into the boiling water and cook for five minutes.
  3. Leave some cloves aside for snacking before dinner, purée the rest.
  4. Mix the purée right into the the white sauce and pour over the pasta.

Yeah! One more dish with a vegetable in it.


Lydia said...

On the topic of cauliflower...add cauliflower puree to mashed potatoes too.

I remember watching a show on the Food Network a couple of years ago, and the cook was all about low-carb eating. Instead of using potatoes for mashers, he used cauliflower instead.

In recent weeks, a couple of dinner dishes seemed to pair best with mashed potatoes, so instead of making a pure mash out of spuds, I added cauliflower puree too.

Why did I add the cauliflower? Potatoes aren't the greatest starch one could consume at a meal, so I figured I'd mitigate some of that by adding a pureed veggie.

I made the modified mash twice, the first time being the more successful of the two. The cauliflower puree does water-down the mixture, so you don't need to add as much heavy cream. Be sure to experiment with the ratio of potato to cauliflower, otherwise, husbands (who enjoy pure potato mash) may turn up their noses.

Glad to hear Mikey is recovering from the sinus infection. :-)

Thais said...

That sounds yummy! Thanks for the tip; I'll try it.

Mikey is now off his antibiotics and his cough is totally gone. I am so happy that he is better and that the antibiotics weren't for nothing!

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