Monday, October 1, 2007

Healthy diet: healthy marriage

Forgive me if I sound like a crazy freak, but I can honestly say that my marriage is better since my husband and I started eating healthy. In my nutrition books, I'm constantly coming across information about the healing aspect of eating good food. And now, I'm seeing it for myself. Just months ago, I was often so overwhelmed by the challenges of motherhood that I'd completely loose it when Zack would leave his jacket on the couch or book bag in the hall. Now, I can just ask him—in a nice, friendly tone—to move it. This civil approach seems so simple but before I couldn't ask him to do much of anything without getting upset about everything all at once. And I think my new composed nature is a direct result of the food that I've been eating. I feel centered and at peace. I rarely get overwhelmed and, when I do, I am able to keep my head on and stop my worries from boiling over into problems that I wasn't even thinking about before I got upset. That said, I'm off to devour a spinach salad!


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