Monday, September 10, 2007

Easy Macaroni and Cheese: fresh take on a kids' classic

When I think of macaroni and cheese, I picture the packaged, processed kind that's bright orange. Ruth Yaron offers a quick and healthy version of the classic meal (p. 334). I often make this recipe on my work days because I have so little time to prepare food when I get home. I like to boil the pasta in the morning and then stick it in the fridge until dinner time. Then I only have to heat all the ingredients up in one saucepan. It's so easy and Mikey devoured that whole bowl in the picture!

One cup dry pasta made about 4 cups cooked pasta so I made enough for Zack and me too—and we had chicken with it. The 2 teaspoons of milk didn't seem like enough and I worried that it would be overly dry, but the ricotta cheese makes this recipe creamy and moist.

1 cup cooked whole grain pasta
1/4 cup grated natural cheese
1/4 cup ricotta cheese
1 teaspoon butter
2 teaspoons of milk
Dash of wheat germ

Mix all ingredients. Heat on stove top until cheese and butter melt. Add a dash of wheat germ to the top. You'll never go back to Kraft!


Ella Larsen said...

I'm so inspired! I've been feeding my kids that organic Annie's stuff and I've thought it was healthy. But I think not! I'm going to try this easy recipe. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! The Annie's Mac and Cheese isn't good? My kids practically live on that stuff. I think I better try this recipe.

Thais said...

I just looked at the ingredients for Annie's mac n'cheese. The ingredients in the white mac n'cheese look good to me. The orange mac n'cheese uses ANNATTO EXTRACT for color. It's a good goal to avoid all artificial coloring.

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